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Project: Jubilation South
Location: Biñan, Laguna, Philippines
Land Area: 16.5 hectares
Product Offering: House & Lot, Lot

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HANA Elegance
Floor Area 140 sqm.
Average Price 4.6M PhP

HANA Prestige
Floor Area 126 sqm.
Average Price 4.4M PhP

HANA Superior
Floor Area 108 sqm.
Average Price 3.9M PhP

HANA Premium
Floor Area 96 sqm.
Average Price 3.7M PhP

HANA Executive
Floor Area 84 sqm.
Average Price 3.4M PhP

ANANDA Advantage 2
Floor Area 70 sqm.
Average Price 3.3M PhP

ANANDA Advantage 1
Floor Area 63 sqm.
Average Price 3.3M PhP

Floor Area sqm.
Average Price 1.2M PhP

Note: Prices may vary depending on available units. Please contact us for updated prices.


JUBILATION is a breakthrough township development in New Biñan, flourishing under the symphonic synergy of man and nature. Conceived with the uniqueness of the Asian flavor, it exudes a sense of affluence and sophistication for a lifestyle living. With the fusion of past influences, present realities, and a vision for the future, it is on course in redefining the way life can be - Happiness...Always.

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Jubilation South

Jubilation Home Villages South presents Amanzaya South. Dynamic and multi-faceted, the homes reflect creativity and a mature understanding of your needs.

The Asian Homes

Settle down to absolute luxury in Amanzaya South, the Asian inspired homes within the blissful setting of Jubilation Home Village South in Jubilation New Biñan, Mega Manila.

Amanzaya is unique as its name, a fusion of Asian words that mean abundance in harmony and happiness. Amanzaya is beyond a mere house, it is a home for the family to house the body and provide refuge for the soul. From exquisitely crafted exteriors to ingenious interior, Amanzaya is the home where happiness surrounds.

The Jubilation Town Center

• Pavilion Mall - More than 31,000 sqm of shopping center
• 2. Community Mall
• 3. Jubilation School
• 4. Church
• 5. Town Plaza

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